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earthshaking adj
1 loud enough to shake the very earth
2 sufficiently significant to affect the whole world; "earthshaking proposals"; "the contest was no world-shaking affair"; "the conversation...could hardly be called world-shattering" [syn: world-shaking, world-shattering]

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  1. Of global consequence or importance
  2. Very loud


Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

big, big-league, big-name, big-time, bigwig, bigwigged, booming, consequential, considerable, deafening, double-barreled, ear-piercing, ear-rending, ear-splitting, forte, fortissimo, full, grand, great, heavyweight, high-powered, important, loud, loud-sounding, loudish, major, material, momentous, name, pealing, piercing, plangent, resounding, ringing, self-important, significant, sonorous, stentoraphonic, stentorian, stentorious, substantial, superior, thunderous, tonitruant, tonitruous, window-rattling, world-shaking
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